Kelly Hoggan


Currently serving as the Principle at H4 Solutions, Kelly Hoggan has found himself with a rare opportunity to use that knowledge and establish himself within a niche business community in the aviation market having nearly 30 years of experience in aviation security, operations, and technology.







The founder of H4 Solutions in 2016, Kelly has drawn on his leadership experience to create a company that consults with those in the transportation sector, specifically aviation security and operations, providing comprehensive security, business, and government solutions. Additionally, Kelly uses his experience to provide value-added services to his customers on a global scale whether this is done through advocating for solutions for rapidly changing security and operational environments or strategic advisory services for manufacturers, airlines, airports, and governments globally.

Having so much experience managing a staff with expertise in workforce optimization, process improvement, and redesign and operational optimization has set Kelly up to be somewhat of an expert within his field. Kelly has personally participated and led multiple efforts to design and redesign checkpoints. A key achievement for Kelly has been his designing and optimization of checked baggage operations and technology deployment.

During his tenure with the TSA, Kelly Hoggan was the chief management official responsible for TSA’s security operations, a $4.1 billion annual effort that included 55,000 TSA employees to screen at times over 2.0 million passengers daily.

Kelly believes the future of the aviation market is extremely bright. Many new technologies emerge, sometimes daily, that can serve the traveling public from curb to gate and in the pace of life. These new technologies all make the passenger’s experience more efficient and complimentary while more importantly simultaneously increasing security and lowering risk. With his true and unique insight into the international and domestic aviation security market, Kelly believes that there are many great and innovative technological solutions available to address the current and ever-changing threat environment. Kelly advocates for a better way to support and drive innovation within the aviation market.

For more information on Kelly Hoggan’s insight and perspective within the business side of the aviation market, be sure to check back often for his newest updates as it relates to aviation security, operations, business, and technology.