Achieving success in business often depends on several people who must work together in tandem to accomplish goals. Leaders should take the responsibility to outline a strategic plan that includes the strategy for how a goal will be accomplished. A common hindrance in accomplishing said goals is ensuring that the team is aligned with your strategic plan. Here are four ways to keep your team on track and engaged with your businesses success:

Revisit your purpose

Big picture goals can seem overwhelming to team members who are unsure of how their work will truly make a difference. It’s crucial to revisit your company values and explain how specific goals will help define your mission. Businesses should communicate their goals to their employees early on and highlight how individual contributions will benefit not only the company but also the employee. Maintaining a high level of transparency with team members and creating an open discussion for feedback will provide an important stepping stone to getting started.

Track and share your progress

Without continual updates and support, employees may feel out of touch with how their work affects the overarching goal set in place. Regular support and communication will reassure employees and keep everyone on track. Allow teams to check progress often to understand how and if the team is generating results and meeting their deliverables.

Celebrate victories along the way

While it is important to focus on your primary objective, celebrating the small victories along the way can boost morale and recognize those who persevered to meet necessary deadlines in the strategic plan. Reward and acknowledge progress often to keep the team enthused working towards your main goal.

Be open about missteps

No matter how organized or prepared a company can be, there is always a chance of errors and miscalculations along the way. Teams should foster a sense of accountability and trust. While it is easy to understand why people may get frustrated or let down if one team member isn’t pulling their slack, it is essential that managers step in and determine ways to improve performance.

An open, clear line of communication and transparency is a vital component of aligning teams together to achieve goals. Include departments in the planning of strategic initiatives, accept feedback, and update team members along the way to yield the best results in achieving your businesses goals.