It is not always easy deciphering what your talents and interests are and how they will help propel you further into your career. Often, entrepreneurs enter into a business they are not fully invested in. In doing so, they are often unsuccessful and faced with obstacles they are not prepared to handle. Whether you are just starting or are reevaluating how to make a career switch, the following helpful tips can help you narrow down your niche in business.

Self Evaluation

Basic evaluation of both your skills and what you are passionate about is an excellent place to get started. Something that you have a passing interest in is likely something that you will not want to put your best efforts into. It is best to determine what projects you would be willing to complete both at work and in your spare time. If you enjoy something well enough, you will continue to do it even if there is no monetary reward involved.


Is there a need for the things that you enjoy? This is an important question worth asking yourself when determining if your interests could be a viable business option. If you are willing to devote your time and energy to the tasks at hand and find enjoyment along the way, there will be a better chance of success.

Experience And Skills

Consider the amount and types of experience and special, unique skills that you possess. Examine areas that you are regularly told you are good at and the types of education or training that you have received. This will help you to determine your niche. The areas you are the most skilled in are often the ones that you have taken the most interest in.

Find The Market

Do your research and find out if there is a need you can fill in the market. Search to see if there is a demand for what you want to offer people. Use basic keywords to target the niche you are looking for and see what suggestions come up. Narrow suggestions further to find out how much demand, competition and what the bidding range is for the area that you are searching for.

Narrowing The Niche

Visit forums related to the niche you want to pursue. Join groups, forums and various social media outlets to discover subtopics and see which ones appeal to you the most. Determine what is asked most often, and allow you to discover topics, sub-niches and other things that you can use for future reference.


You will want to know how much and what kind of competition you are facing. This will tell you if the market is already oversaturated with what you want to do, giving you a better idea if should continue your pursuit.

Kelly Hoggan resides in Washington D.C. and is the founder of H4 Solutions, a business which provides aviation security consulting services. With a career spanning nearly three decades in aviation security, operations, and technology, Kelly has been able to utilize that leadership experience to advise clients in the transportation section focusing on aviation security and aviation operations.